The WDMA Executive Management Conference is designed for industry CEOs and senior executives who want to walk away with a better pulse on the industry and a renewed energy to take back to their company. This unique event in the window, door, and skylight industry will focus on topics and trends which will shape the industry over the coming year and will provide executives with a forum to discuss and explore issues that will be driving the industry.

Hear top-rated presentations from accomplished experts and leave with broadened perspectives on industry advances and opportunities. You'll learn about the trends shaping the future, the economic landscape for 2022, implementing secure methods to deal with modern cyber attacks, and how to manage emotions and mindset to boost performance. 

 3:00pm ET/
 2:00pm CT   

Opening Keynote Session

Understanding the Impact of Climate Change-Driven Economic Transformation on the Industry

Speaker: Megan Greene, Global Economist, Financial Times columnist, and Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School 

Much has been discussed about the Biden Administration's "whole of government" approach to climate change.  But what can the industry expect to see in the coming months and years?  What needs to happen to actually meet the CO2 emissions goals to which the Administration committed?  This session will include a discussion of what the implications are for the US labor force, economic growth, and possible regulatory changes.  In addition, the session will cover the growth of “green” housing finance and its implications for energy-efficient residential and commercial buildings and renovation.  

3:00pm ET/
2:00pm CT

2022 Residential, Remodeling and Commercial Market Outlook

Speaker: Kermit Baker, Chief Economist, American Institute of Architects (AIA)

This session will review the building and construction market landscape as we enter the final quarter of 2021 and will provide a forecast for 2022 and beyond for new residential, remodeling, multifamily and commercial building. The session will also look at economic fundamentals, housing market strengths and weaknesses, and insights into consumer demand.

 3:00pm ET/
 2:00pm CT

Think Like a Hacker: Secure Your Brand

Speaker: Ted Harrington, Executive Partner, Independent Security Evaluators (ISE)

This session will address the seemingly overwhelming collection of security concerns with which today’s business leaders contend. Ted Harrington is one of the leading experts in cybersecurity and hacking. His firm was the first to exploit the iPhone and Android operating systems, pioneered car and medical device hacking, and runs hacking event Internet of Things (IoT) Village. In this session, he’ll combine an engaging blend of research-based issue analysis combined with storytelling to show you how to implement a proven security method, based on years of practical experience in security research and security consulting, designed to help equip senior executives to deal with modern attackers.

  3:00pm ET/
  2:00pm CT

Psyched Up: How the Science of Mental Preparation Can Help You Succeed

Speaker: Daniel McGinn, Executive Editor, Harvard Business Review

In this session, Daniel McGinn examines how executives can manage their emotions and mindset to help boost their performance. Among the topics he will cover:

  • Research on the best ways to boost confidence before high-stakes events
  • Techniques for managing the anxiety that’s a natural response to stressful moments
  • How ritual, routine, and superstition can increase performance
  • What science says about finding the right pep talk to motivate a team
  • Why rivalry and competition can help spur higher achievement

The goal of this session is for attendees to think critically about how they can best utilize the moments before a high-stakes professional event—and find the right set of techniques to increase the odds they’ll crush it.